The BabZetta Story

BBFFs were born out of inspiration and frustration.

I have always struggled to find a handbag that has met all of my needs. A bag that is comfortable to wear, has lots of room for life's little extras and is also a bit unique and fun. 

A bag I can use every day that ticks all of the boxes.

I have tried many different styles of bags - regular handbags, quality leather bags, backpacks, tote bags, and nappy bags. They just didn't cut it for me.

I hadn't found my perfect, practical bag. 

Also, like many of us, I'm trying to be a better Earthling. I'm trying to use less bags, and live and shop smarter and kinder. For years, like many of us, I always aim to carry extra bags so I am prepared.

I would usually carry foldable bags in my handbag or take an extra tote bag. Often I felt like I was wrestling with extra bags before I even made it into a shop! And if I wasn't prepared and only had a small handbag, I would be frustrated needing to buy more reusable bags that I don't need. 

So I decided to design and make myself the perfect everyday bag that had all of the features that I needed and some extra features for fun and function!

Now I want to share my BBFF with everyone! And hopefully make a difference by using less bags. It may only be a small difference, but a small difference is better than none at all. 


So BBFF stands for the Brilliant Bag for Fun and Function. That's the bag I wanted to create.

But the name stemmed from something shared between myself and my son.

My son was one of these kids that never wanted to go to kindergarten or school, so getting him in the car was a challenge. And because mums are always looking for solutions I came up with the idea of having a 'Brilliant Bag of Fun' always ready for the car trip.

A designated bag that would have something interesting in it, like a kaleidoscope or an unusual kitchen gadget and a treat.

Then of course he never wanted to leave school once he was there so I always had a BBOF to get him into the car for home time! :0) It was a tradition that we started many years ago and now he is in high school I still have a small treat waiting for him at the end of the day. For the sake of tradition!