What is a BBFF?

Meet your new BFF!

~ The Brilliant Bag for Fun + Function aka BBFF ~

A bag designed for every day that comfortably fits your life and lifestyle.

Size + Comfort

BBFFs are flexible enough to fit your daily needs with extra room for shopping, jackets, shoes, laptops, books, lunch, receipts, mum essentials, gym gear, whatever!

Because BBFFs are designed from durable and soft, quality fabrics, they fall to the shape of your body. This is especially handy in busy places like shops, public transport, airports etc.

Large tote bags can be cumbersome to carry and often handbags aren’t large enough for all of your daily needs. A BBFF combines the 2 so you only need 1 bag, not 2 or more.

The generous, comfortable and adjustable straps (depending style) are designed to be used as a crossbody bag so your hands are free for more important things. Like your phone, coffee or holding the hands of your loves.

BBFFs are better for your back and shoulders than handbags and tote bags are. The weight of your bag is more easily distributed across your body and the wide, soft straps are definitely more comfortable and make it easier to carry your bag for longer periods of time.

Function + Features + Fun

The BBFF has some fab extra features that have been carefully thought out and tested. The entire bag is lined with water-resistant material to protect its contents.

There is an internal bottle pouch that is also water-resistant to hold any condensation, so it’s perfect for your water bottle. The pouch is positioned to put the least strain on your shoulders.
*hot drinks are definitely not recommended, that’s what your free hands are for!

There number of internal pockets will vary depending on the BBF bag size and style, most internal pockets feature decorative stitching designed to hold your phone, stationery, make-up, face masks, sanitizer, medicine, spare underwear, snacks or whatever! Of course the bottle pouch can also be used for an additional large pocket rather than drink bottles.

One of the most useful features is the long, internal key-strap to attach your keys to the cord so you don’t need to go rummaging around the bottom of your bag to find them!

Each BBFF has quality metal hardware and rivets that complement and enhance your bag. And depending on style will feature magnetic snap closure or zipper closure.

On some styles the shoulder straps are removable which is useful for washing or swapping with other favourite straps.

BBFFs are made using premium European thread with reinforced stitching so they are strong and hard working. And let’s not forget that they can be washed! See our washing and care instructions.

Possibly our favourite feature is the external charm ring to hang your BabZetta antique key charms. Or you can hang your own charms to help you decorate and personalise your BBFF.

We’ve had a lot of fun choosing our fabrics that are beautiful and eye-catching. There are a variety of prints available to suit your own unique style.

BBFFs are designed to stand out and be a part of you.

Conscious Shopping

At BabZetta we want to make a difference! Even if it’s just a small one. And we want to help you make a difference too.

Though retailers have attempted to cut out or cut down on single use or lightweight plastic bags, they have just been replaced with other bags. And bags that we now pay for!

How many of us get caught out without a reusable bag and need to buy another reusable bag or tote? Then to find that you have more reusable bags or totes at home or in your car that you need, or can use. Shops are now making an easy extra sale from these bags. Take note of how many reusable bags or totes are available to be purchased in stores.

Can we do better? Absolutely!

Most of us are now more conscious shoppers and in addition to our handbag, we also take reusable bags and totes with us just in case.

However as BBFFs are a hybrid of a handbag and a tote, they are a more practical choice to help you carry more, with less bags, more often. And say “No, I don’t need another bag thanks.”